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Affordable and comprehensive American Heart Association training programs.

At Provider Nation, we aim to provide our students with interactive and informative training programs that will equip them with the proper lifesaving techniques, knowledge, and skills.

Whether they are planning to pursue a career in the healthcare industry, or if they are doing this for their own peace of mind, our training programs are ideal for anyone who wishes to learn about:


We offer some of the most competitive rates in the industry:

  • AHA Heart Saver First Aid CPR $90 (6-hour class)
  • CPR and AED $75 (4-hour class)
  • First Aid $50 (2-hour class)
  • Pediatric $110 (6-Hour Class)
  • BLS Providers $75 (4.5-Hour Class)
  • BLS Skilled $75 (1.5-Hour Class)
  • BLS Renewal $75 (1.5-Hour Class)
  • Bloodborne Pathogens $50

After payment, students will receive complimentary Welcome Letter, Student E-Book, and a Team Dynamic Skilled Video.

Are You Ready?

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