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This is one of our virtual games that each person can enjoy. The following are the rules and packages for the game:

  • Game package $20 (4 Boards): You have to order a Game Package in order to play.
  • Single Board Each $5 Optional: You can order unlimited Boards per game.
  • Specialty Games $5: Optional, for corners, X and double lines straight across.
  • Jack-Pot $10 per Board Optional: Must-Have Full Board for Bingo.

Winners will win 1/2 of each board playing.


  • Game Board 50 player $5 win $125 per Board
  • Specialty Game 50 player $5 win $125 per Board
  • Jackpot 50 players $10 per Board game win $250

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You will receive the digital game board in your email after payment.

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